Internet becomes important part nowadays. Most technologies integrate the features by using the internet function. This can connect people easily, and there are still many great things. That is why now people are so familiar with it, and they can utilize the function well. This is not only for adults, but now children also start to use internet for various purposes. Some of them access the websites for learning. There are also online games and various streaming platforms that can provide the children with many kinds of entertainment. This is surely great, but parents cannot just let their kids to access the internet freely. There are still risks and threats coming from the internet, and they cannot neglect them. It is like two sides of coin. When there are advantages, and there will also be disadvantage. Moreover, kids are fragile, and they may not know about these problems. That is why parents should know about child cyber security. This is something necessary to make sure that the kids are fully safe in using the internet. Related to these issues. This video can provide useful information about how to protect the kids from the threats and dangers coming from the internet.

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Parents Role in the Cyber Security

From the video, it is stated clearly that children cannot do the protection by themselves. They still lack knowledge to do things. What they have is great curiosity, and this should be directed properly so they will not walk on the wrong path. Of course, their parents are the one who have the biggest responsibility to make sure that the kids will be fully safe in using the internet access. It is true that there are many kinds of application and software to improve the protection of computer and websites. Even, most search engines have regulations and protective features for kids, so they will only get recommended websites. However, these are not enough. Parents cannot just depend on these technologies, since there are still possibilities for them to be failure. They still have to become the persons who protect the kids from the dangers of internet access. In this case, from the beginning, they give proper understanding for the kids about the purposes of using the internet. They should tell the children about the benefits and risks that may possibly occur in accessing websites and other online media. At the same time, they should be able to manage the usage of devices. This is very necessary to protect the kids, and it is useful to prevent them from being addicted in using the devices. From the beginning, it is better to set the management, so things will not be too late to make preventive actions.

Some Threats of Accessing the Internet

After talking about the parent’s roles, it is good to know some threats that may occur. These problems can happen when kids are learning and looking for information from websites. Then, these may also happen when the kids are playing online games. One of the problems is cyber bullying. Cases of bullying does only occur in schools or other places, but this can occur in the virtual world. There are many cases as proofs, and these can create various impacts. Some children may have simple impact, but there are also some of them who have to get trauma because of the harsh bullying. This commonly occurs in the social media through the comments and chats. Insults, harsh words, and other things actually lead to the serious problems. That is why parents should be able to monitor and guide the kids, especially to prevent people with the bad intention to enter the friend list. Other than the bullying, there is also problem of information abuse. This may happen when the kids are browsing and unconsciously click unknown link. This is quite common to happen, and there will be people to misuse the information to gain their own benefit.

Learning Safely with Lido

Unfortunately, sometimes it is still hard to prevent the kids from doing the online learning. They still need to gain information. In this case, parents can choose to let the kids to learn in Lido. Lido Learning is an online platform that will give access for kids to learn comfortably. The Lido will provide classes based on the stage or level of each child. This is so comfortable and safe for the kids since each class will only have six students, so it is easier for the teachers to monitor and guide the kids. This is very effective to improve children’s understanding, and it is also effective to let them learn safely. Moreover, the teachers recruited by Lido have passed the selection process, so they are good teachers who are excellent in knowledge and personality. In order to provide more secure feeling for parents, all personal information of each student is fully protected. This is to guarantee that no one will have the access, so it is very effective to prevent unknown people in abusing the information.

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